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The Essential Skills All Product Managers Must Master

  • Thursday, Oct 25th, 11:00am PDT
  • Webinar

What does it take to be a product manager? Is there a cookie-cutter template, a perfect mold that all PMs should seek to fit into? Are the skills finite and easily definable? In the next Product Stack webinar, we’re going to find out together if there is a such a thing as a paragon of product management—and if you’re on track to be that kind of PM.

Join our panel discussion for answers, as Product Stack welcomes Kevin Steigerwald, VP of Products and UX at Jama Software; Isabelle Berner, Senior Product Manager at Pivotal Labs; and Annie Dunham, Director of Product at ProductPlan.


Past events

  • Innovating in the Enterprise: How Product Managers Can Deliver Ideas Faster


    Releasing products at a small startup is, for the most part, fairly straightforward. Getting everyone on the same page is easy. But if you’re a product manager at a large company, releasing a new product is far more complex. Multiple stakeholders need to be involved at various stages. Achieving organizational alignment (executives, marketing, sales, legal, etc.) can be a tall order.

  • Product Management’s Role in a Modern Cross Functional Team


    In an ever-increasing competitive landscape, companies look for every advantage possible to deliver products faster, safer, and smarter. Cross-functional teams bring together not only coding, quality, and design disciplines into a single functioning unit, but also product management, which plays a key role. So what does that role look like at successful companies?

  • The Art and Science of Subscription Pricing


    How much should you charge? How often should you change your pricing? What’s the best way to go about introducing new pricing? What pricing model should you use? These questions, and many more, are a constant concern for companies of all sizes.

  • Fireside Chat: How to Plan for a Product Redesign on your Roadmap


    Are you approaching a product redesign and aren’t quite sure how to make room on your product roadmap for that? Is refactoring one of your never ending roadmap initiatives? You’re not alone. Most companies will face a re-design or a major refactoring at some point. Watch our panel and hear their expert opinions on how to best navigate a product redesign.

  • Getting in Shape for 2018 – Product Management Best Practices

    Did this year's product roadmap deliver value? Is your backlog out of control? Did you meet all of your goals? As the year comes to an end, it's time to reflect and start fresh. Join our webinar panel to learn why it's important to clean out your backlog and how to get organized for the new year.


  • Aligning Product Strategy with Customer Feature Requests

    We’ve all been on customer calls where we’re asked for a feature that just does not align with our product strategy. It’s not a problem if one request is an outlier, but how should you handle recurring requests from your customers that do not align with your product strategy?

    In this webinar, product management veterans share real examples of feature requests that did not naturally fit with the company’s vision.


  • How Product Managers and Agile Dev Teams Can See Eye to Eye

    Agile has transformed the way companies build and release products. But it is not without its own set of challenges. With frequent shifts in priorities, it can be difficult for product managers to set expectations.

    In this webinar, product management veterans share their tips for effectively working with agile teams.


  • Product Stack Denver: Panel Discussion

    Watch our live event from Galvanize's Platte campus, where the Product Stack panel focused on helping PMs build customer-centric products through successful product planning, more efficient sprint execution, and clearer insight into the metrics that matter most.

    Emceed by Jay Zeschin, and featuring Jim Semick of ProductPlan, Dan Podsedly of Tracker, Jess Sherlock of GoSpotCheck, Aaron Duke of CirrusMD, and Kevin Steigerwald of Notion.


  • Product Roadmap Q&A with Startup Veterans

    A well-planned roadmap can make a big different, but creating one is easier said than done.


  • Plan, Execute, and Measure Your Way to Product Success

    A webinar with Jim Semick from ProductPlan, Dan Podsedly from Pivotal Tracker, and Dave Shanley from Notion on how to communicate with your team at every stage of the product development cycle.


  • Product Stack LA: Panel Discussion

    Our inagural event kicked off in Los Angeles with Suzanne Abate, of the podcast 100 PMs, and a panel discussion with ProductPlan's Greg Goodman, Laure Parsons of Notion, and Dan Podsedly from Pivotal Tracker.